1. One-Click Concert & Festival Planning

What used to take you hours now takes seconds with our Customizable Rockstar Travel Itenerary! No more click fatigue! Thanks to our relationship with Ticketmaster and access to over 800,000 Hotels & Resorts, 520 Airlines, and 175 Rental Car Companies, House of Rock has created the NEXT GENERATION in concert and festival experiences for a new generation of travelers!


Binge watch for FREE! We've got survival tips from Navy SEALS, travel guides from sexy social media influencers, recipes from world class chefs and performances from the hottest new bands! All part of our ever-expanding library of free, Network quality series exclusively on HOUSE OF ROCK!

3. Home Share

With a serious twist - connecting people to property using the power of MUSIC! Our unique MUSIC MATCH system allows you to connect musically to like-minded hosts, hotels, and venues all over the world! No more sterile, boring housing experiences! With Music Match, you'll discover personalized music fansand experiences only on HOUSE OF ROCK!

4. Rockstar Deals

Stop searching all over the web for the best deals on air, hotel, rental cars and concerts. You're home now! At House of Rock, our amazing staff works 24/7 with the travel leaders of the world to get you the best price and value for your money. And don't forget to check in often for FLASH DEALS - where your savings are even BIGGER!

5. Rockstar Rewards Program (Coming Soon)

It's FREE to join, and you can use the points you earn by being a loyal customer for concerts, music festivals, and ONCE IN A LIFETIME experiences! The Rockstar Rewards Program is House of Rock's way of saying THANK YOU!

6. We Care About Music - And The People Who Make it

For homeowners who list their property with our HOME SHARE service, we give 1% of our profits to local artist communities and charities of YOUR choice. This ensures that - no matter where you travel with House of Rock - the music will ALWAYS be alive and well in local communities.

In short - more experiences, less hassle. Our motto is get busy living, not planning.

The House of Rock app is yours, not ours. Use it the way you want. We built this app so you can make it your own - whether that's a little, or a lot.

Because at HOUSE OF ROCK, you're not just a number, you're not just a profile, you're not just a customer. You are one of us.

A welcome addition to a small company made up of real people, right here in North America, who care about our fellow House of Rock members - that's you.

So, welcome to our house! you're gonna love it here. And if you don't, let us know that, too.

Because we're all on this planet together. So let's make it an amazing ride!

- Mark Morrow, CEO & Founder of House of Rock